Build a Custom Retreat: Sedona, Arizona

The lodging option featured in the above video is not guaranteed to be available but is one of the preferred places we have acquired for a retreat experience.

Unearthed offers a unique and personalized retreat experience tailored to each group's specifications. A team of experienced organizers, marketing partners, guides, and facilitators, Unearthed partners with individuals and groups that are looking to have a customized retreat experience so they can lead the retreat without the hassle. Let the Unearthed team handle everything from transportation to lodging and meals and coordinate your desired experiences and events. So, if you're looking for a memorable first-rate experience, Unearthed is the perfect choice.

General Offerings:

  • Transportation 
  • Lodging 
  • Meals 

Optional Experiences:

  • Hiking
  • Vortex Tour
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Spa Day + Massage
  • Cold water therapy (Ice Bath)
  • Wine Region Tour
  • Flat Water Kayaking 
  • ATV & Dune Buggy Adventures
  • Group Dinners for Fine Dining
  • Sound Bath
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Helicopter Trip
  • Native Cleansing Experience
  • Nature Medicine Making
  • Custom Shopping for Art & Jewelry
  • Verde Canyon Train
  • Day trip to Jerome


Important: 1 year to 6 months lead-time is optimal. We cannot guarantee all experiences will be available, but especially with less than 120 days lead time. We encourage you to confirm your retreat far in advance to ensure best available lodging and experiences. 

Ready to create your custom retreat? Be sure you are using your smartphone first, and 💬 Send a message here!