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"It was such a gift being in such a beautiful tourist destination and never experiencing crowds. The hiking pace was accommodating to everyone's skill level and desire."

Guest from April 2022

"You truly did not charge enough for the experience. The value I received was worth twice the price!"

Guest from April 2022

"Amanda puts so much love into her craft. I enjoyed foods I normally am not drawn to. The presentation at every meal was a work of art."

Guest from April 2022

"I thought the sharing of rooms was fine, especially since it was obvious from the videos of the house and retreat description. I did try to minimize noise and getting up at night or early morning. Also, sharing rooms made it easier to get to know the other guests."

Guest from April 2022

"Jennifer is a gifted yogi. She was very encouraging and nonjudgmental... I never felt that I was unable to participate or keep up."

Guest from April 2022

We are Earth, Fire & Sky.

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Nine Spots Available for 2023

This is a women's only event, and it will sell out - Do not delay when booking.

Accommodations to be announced july 1st