Guided Meditations

Before you get started take a seat or find a comfortable and safe place to lie down for this guided visualization.  Although we have provided this video, we encourage you to instead close your eyes and allow your imagination to follow the cues of the narrator. 


Learn more about narrator, Jennifer Nole.  Music and video by Christopher Nole

Many people have found that guided meditation positively affects their everyday lives. The goal of guided meditation is to facilitate various mental, emotional, and physical benefits for overall well-being.

Guided meditation is a narrated relaxation technique. According to the source "Guided Mind," the experience you get from participating in guided meditation is similar to what you would get from being in a real-life situation. As they explain, "the brain does not distinguish between an imagined event and a real one."

For this first guided meditation, Jennifer Nole takes the listener through a familiar forest at night, connecting the body to earthly surroundings while experiencing the vastness of space. These fifteen minutes are amplified by the original 432 Hz music composed by Christopher Nole. This tuning creates a sense of peace and well-being as it is the harmonic intonation of nature. Although this meditative experience is suitable for any time, it is especially effective in eliminating stress.

Having a stressful moment or a series of stressful moments can trigger a state of agitation that the body can hold for a prolonged time. Through the practice of guided meditation, you may let go of that agitation and journey through the process of letting go and releasing negative feelings. Although it can't stop all negative emotions from coming, it can help people recognize them and mitigate them better.

Try adopting a daily routine by participating in short guided meditations to get centered and reset your emotional state.

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