Jennifer's Vision for Reconnecting

It’s no secret that nature is a healing place. Multiple studies show that spending time in nature reduces inflammation, improves sleep quality, boosts vitamin D levels, and decreases depression and anxiety. So whenever I felt sad, lonely, or anxious, I went for a hike through the woods. I would feel more grounded and serene, having made a connection with the natural world. My nature excursions, coupled with my regular yoga practice, kept my vibration high throughout an unprecedented time.

Yoga has all the same benefits as spending time in nature, plus some! So my wheels started turning. I wanted to connect with like-minded people again. Those that love to be outdoors, practice yoga, and open their senses to the energy of the natural world and all those that are curious enough to try. I wanted to devise an experience of Earth healing and yoga. It is an opportunity to come back to the source, unearth all that is no longer serving them, and fill their vessel back up with spirit and vitality.

Sedona is a desert town well-known for its majestic red rocks, starry night skies, and healing energy vortexes. I just happened to have a friend certified in wilderness safety leading group hikes in Arizona. That is why I reached out to Colleen to share my vision of a yoga and nature experience. As it turns out, she had put her original outdoor wellness business plans on the back burner because of the pandemic. So when we connected and started sharing our ideas and concepts, the partnership and timing felt right. The Unearthed Retreat Experience was born!

jennifer nole in sedona